Growing Grapplers

Happy Birthday to....

Brendan Deveney

Three Year Old Program

This half an hour program will introduce toddlers to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Basic skills will be taught, while working on developing gross motor skills.  Toddlers will learn to love exercising, while also gaining a sense of how to be disciplined in the martial art.

Children's Program

(Ages 4-12)

Our children's classes are an hour in duration.  During this hour, classes will be structured in a progression which enables children to begin with warm-up exercises, proceed to skill development (skill of the day) and conclude with competitive training.

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Teen Program

(Ages 13-16)

The teen program focuses on enhancing students' skills will preparing them to transition to the adult level classes.  In addition, this program will highlight SELF-DEFENSE techniques.  The teen program will follow the same structural design as the children's program.